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 3700+ Teachers Jobs Announced


Moonis Elahi, the son of Punjab Chief Minister Pervez Elahi, used his official account to tweet about CTI jobs at Punjab's public sector institutions. The actual advertising will be made available soon. In his tweet, he claims that Punjab Chief Minister Ch Pervez Elahi has authorized the employment of 3650 College Teaching Interns (CTIs) through a merit-based competitive procedure in order to solve the critical teacher shortage in public sector institutions. 

These vacancies will be filled by the Punjab Higher Education Department. In most situations, there is no upper age limit for CTI employment in Punjab.

Date of Job Announcement:


Application deadline:

Soon to be released.

Required education:

A Master's Degree in any subject is required.

Job Description:

Lecturer at CTI.

Job Categories:


Job Description:

Full-time employment.

The minimum educational qualifications are a Master's Degree or a Bachelor's Degree (16 years) in a related discipline. Although a master's or doctorate degree is recommended, it is not essential.


The current CTI job advertising has not yet been made public; however, because CM Punjab has approved the employment of CTIs at institutions, it may be made public shortly.

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