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General Knowledge Very Importantly MCQS Test(Page-1)

Here's a golden opportunity that you may take advantage of by devoting around 10 to 15 minutes of your daily routine to preparing for government and private sector exams. Infect, general knowledge preparation is important not just for any test or exam, but it is also an important constituent of crystallised intelligence and is strongly related to general intelligence, as well as openness to experience.

JobAxis has developed an online brief very compact based MCQs Quiz system where you may test yourself on this website. You may pick your location and begin learning with by following the links.

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1. Which is the capital of Angola?

a)     Baku    

b)    Canberra  

c)     Luanda        

d)    Manama


2. Land of Midnight Sun is called?

a)     Italy       

b)    Israel       

c)     Japan           

d)    Norway


3. Andes Mountain range is situated in?

a)     North America

b)    South America

c)     Europe  

d)    Asia


4. Mount Everest Is in which country?

a)     China             

b)    Nepal  

c)     Pakistan    

d)    Bhutan


5. Reuter is a news agency of?

a)     Russia 

b)    USA            

c)     UK      

d)    France


6. World War First started from?

a)     1915  

b)    1914       

c)     1916  

d)    1918



7. Diet is the name of the parliament of?

a)     Japan   

b)    Iran   

c)     USA 

d)    Germany


8. The headquarter of the commonwealth is in?

a)     Washington  

b)    Brazil  

c)     Rome 

d)    London


9. NAM was established in the year?

a)     1962    

b)    1963   

c)     1961 

d)    1960


10. Abyssinia is an old name of?

a)     Iraq      

b)    Iran   

c)     Bhutan 

d)    Ethiopia


11. UNO was established in?

a)     22 Oct 1945     

b)    24 Oct 1945 

c)     22 Nov 1945    

d)    24 Nov 1945


12. Mesopotamia is the old name of?

a)     Baku           

b)    Palestine           

c)     Iran              

d)    Iraq


13. Persia is an old name of?

a)     Iran          

b)    Rome            

c)     Iraq     

d)    Israel



14. Does OIC consist of members?

a)     55          

b)    57         

c)     59   

d)    60



15. Where is the headquarters of ILO?

a)     Washington  

b)    Viana  

c)     Geneva 

d)    London


16. Bun ki moon belongs to?

a)     north Korea  

b)    south Korea   

c)     Japan   

d)    Africa


17. SEATO ended in the year?

a)     1975  

b)    1976   

c)     1967  

d)    1977


18. Tigris River is in which country?

a)     Iran      

b)    Iraq   

c)     Italy   

d)    Egypt


19. Who won the hockey world cup in 2006?

a)     Germany    

b)    Australia    

c)     Spain 

d)    USA


20. 2014 football world cup will be played in the country?

a)     Germany    

b)    France      

c)     Brazil      

d)    USA


21. Which city is called the City of popes?

a)    Huawei   

b)    Paris   

c)    Washington  

d)    Rome


22. 8th march is observed as?


a)     peace day

b)    women's day

c)     child day 

d)    energy day


23. Which is the largest ocean in the world?

a)     arctic     

b)    Indian     

c)     pacific     

d)    Atlantic


24. Where is the Gobi Desert?

a)    China    

b)    Mongolia   

c)    Africa 

d)    Ghana

Friends, you have completed the first stage of 24 questions; now, to complete your second job, go to the Online MCQS Practice Test Page-2.

Answers Keys: 

   1: c          2: d            3: b            4: b            5: c             6:

     7: a          8: d            9: c             10: d          11: b          12: d  

    13: a       14: b          15: c            16: b           17: d          18: b 

    19: a       20: c           21: d            22: b           23: c          24: b

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